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What is Teamwork?

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Teamwork suggests that people work in an atmosphere of mutual support and trust, working together cohesively, with good inter-group relations. Each other’s strengths are valued. It should also foster an increasing maturity of relationship, where people are free to disagree constructively, and where both support and challenge are a part of helping teams work.

Think for a moment about how you would define teamwork. What do you value about working in a team? Here are some thoughts and ideas which might help your thinking. For example, with real teamwork we tend to see positive attitudes and behaviours such as:

  • Trust in colleagues to deliver what they promise
  • Willingness to help when needed
  • Sharing of a common vision of the future
  • Co-operation and blending of each others’ strengths
  • Positive attitudes, providing support and encouragement
  • Active listening
  • All members pulling their weight and in the same direction
  • Giving the benefit of the doubt
  • Consensus building
  • Effective conflict resolution
  • Open communication
I am open to have your inputs on the Teamwork topic.
posted Mar 24, 2022 by anonymous

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