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Privacy Policy of Technobind

    The Technobind is a set of Q&A sites dedicated to providing high-quality questions and answers related with Technobind.

    We really, truly care about your privacy and we collect information in the following two ways -
    Information we get from your use of the network.
    Your web browser tells us stuff like your approximate location and how you use the site. Information we get from your use of the network is primarily non-personally-identifying information of the sort that web browsers, servers, and services like Google Analytics typically make available, such as the browser type, language preference, referring site, and the time of each visit. Other non-identifying information that we might have access to includes how you use the service (e.g., search queries), your approximate location, cookies, etc.

    Your browser also gives us your IP address, which could identify you, but we don.t use it to do that. When you use the network, we also collect potentially personally identifying information in the form of Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. But we don.t use that information to identify you, and we handle and disclose these addresses in the same way we handle other potentially personally identifying information as described below.

    Information you provide to us directly.
    We ask visitors who sign up for Technobind to provide a username and email address. And we don't share or disclose the email address or password with anyone.

    Information You Choose to Display Publicly on the Network
    If you decide to post personal information in the public parts of our sites, it.s public. Some users may elect to publicly post personally identifying or sensitive information about themselves in their normal use of the network. This could occur through use of the optional profile fields, in question or answer posts, or when an individual posts etc. Information like that, which is voluntarily posted in publicly visible parts of the network, is considered to be public.

    If we change this policy. The most current version will always be on this page.