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What is the difference between a unified storage and NAS based storage system?

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posted Feb 23, 2016 by anonymous

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2 Answers

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NAS is only for Files and Folders

Unified Storage - Combination of NAS and SAN - Both Files and Folders to Servers can also be considered

answer Mar 7, 2016 by Sandeep Chavda
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NAS: NAS is essentially a dedicated appliance with a built-in file system to store the files and then present file shares to servers, applications and users. Most often we map to these systems using protocols such as SMB/CIFS (for Windows) or NFS (for Linux/Unix).

Unified Storage: Unified storage refers to a single logical system that is capable of presenting both dedicated LUNs (SAN) as well as folders within a file system (NAS)

answer Apr 8, 2016 by Prashant Honashetti