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What are he primary requirements in a end point backup and recovery solution?

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posted Feb 23, 2016 by anonymous

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2 Answers

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Primary requirement in a end point backup and recovery solution:

• List out the number of users and data size per users.
• What type of file should be backed up from the end devices?
• What should be the retention period of backed up data?
• Plan for storage media to backup data (disk / tape / cloud).
• Depend on data size, provide the Hard disk sizing if it is on-premise.
• Highly recommend: Dedicated server for backup solution software.

answer Mar 7, 2016 by Abhishek Patil
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Backup Solution - Software or Hardware to store backed up data

And data when required to restore shd be done in the same format as it is backed up in native format

answer Mar 7, 2016 by Sandeep Chavda