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Commvault : simplified, streamlined, and scalable Software Packaging and Pricing

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Commvault : simplified, streamlined, and scalable Software Packaging and Pricing

You might have heard by now, Commvault has been undertaking a massive effort to streamline and improve our packaging to make it easier for our partners and customers to make it much more simpler, more feature rich and easier to procure and deploy.

According to IDC, "Commvault is now iterating on these changes with an even more ambitious plan designed to further simplify pricing, streamline customer on boarding, and deliver a platform which can scale to meet the needs of today's hybrid cloud environments."

At Commvault, the large majority of the enhancements which are build within the product-set comes from the field. 

The suggestions come from customers, partners, the internal and external sales and SE forces, amongst others, and certainly contributes to Commvault’s position as a leader in the backup and recovery market.

Commvault’s ability to quickly adjust to market conditions, the needs of our customers, evolving technologies, competitive landscape, and so on is unmatched. 


Because your success is our success, Commvault is excited to introduce new simplified, streamlined, and scalable Software Packaging and Pricing.  With this new Software packaging and pricing, Commvault have drastically simplified the number of SKUs that are offered and significantly improved the quoting process,which will enable you as a Partner, to scale your business by accelerating the sales process.

The new Commvault Software Packaging is comprised of four logically packaged offerings that are aligned to what your customer wants/needs to do with their data, making Commvault, the simple choice.

The new software packaging is built on 3 principle’s:


SIMPLIFY: We have drastically simplified our packaging and pricing.

STREAMLINE: Made the quotation process easy (reduced the steps to validate the solution)

SCALE: Allow you to expand and grow your business


Four logically packaged offerings (products) are:

Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery is easily the industry’s most fully featured and comprehensive backup and recovery platform. It covers all workloads: physical, virtual, applications, on-premises, cloud, hybrid, etc. As part of this, all management features relative to backup and recovery are now covered under Commvault Complete.  With the broadest platform coverage and the richest feature set, Commvault is now more differentiated than ever, which will enable you to compete at a new level.

Commvault HyperScale™ Technology is an add-on for Commvault Complete that enables you to position and sell modern cloud-like infrastructures to support scale-out secondary storage. This is available in two form factors: 1) a Commvault-branded integrated appliance, or 2) as a software solution in the form of reference architectures using your preferred hardware provider.

Commvault Orchestrate allows customers to extend the value of their data sitting in secondary storage. Secondary copies of data can now be used for things like accelerating dev/test routines or performing application migrations. Operations that were previously manual can now be orchestrated and automated, saving valuable time and money for our customers.

Commvault Activate also extends the value of data residing in secondary storage as it enables the indexing of backed up and archived data, so that users can search, analyze, and use data in ways that usually require additional point products for each use case.


Commvault Complete sets a simple, yet solid foundation for upsell opportunities

aligned to the many challenges of managing data today, and into the future.


posted Jul 30, 2018 by Jayesh George

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