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What are the risks associated with IAM, PAM,EPM solutions?

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posted Jun 12, 2023 by Jasraj Santoshrao Deshpande

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1 Answer

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IAM (Identity and Access Management), PAM (Privileged Access Management), and EPM (Endpoint Privilege Management) solutions are designed to enhance security and control over access to systems, applications, and data. While these solutions offer numerous benefits, they also come with certain risks. Some of the risks associated with these solutions include Complexity, Single point of failure, Insider threats, etc...

To mitigate these risks, organizations should invest in proper planning, robust implementation, ongoing monitoring, regular audits, and user education. They should also stay informed about emerging threats and vulnerabilities in IAM, PAM, and EPM solutions and keep them up to date with patches and security updates.

answer Jul 3, 2023 by anonymous
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