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What are the benefits of moving from HTTP to HTTPS?

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posted Sep 18, 2017 by Abhishek Maheshwari

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1 Answer

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There are Majorly three Benefits of HTTPS over HTTP:

Google Rankings: Because of the additional security associated with HTTPS and SSL, websites using HTTPS have a reputation for being safer, trusted and certified. Within recent years, Google has really clamped down on the quality of websites and the ability to keep users’ personal information safe. So it’s only natural that websites employing HTTPS are preferred by Google – and even have the potential to outrank similar sites which use HTTP. Whilst HTTPS won’t be as crucial a ranking factor as high quality content for example, Google have themselves stated that sites using HTTPS are likely to receive a small ranking benefit.

Increased Security: Websites encrypted with HTTPS have the added benefit of being more confidential and secure than those without – only your browser and the website’s server can decrypt the information you provide. HTTPS also adds a layer of integrity to any website, as the data you have shared is protected from any modification without your knowledge. Not only does this benefit the user, but also the website owner – an ever increasing number of internet users can easily spot the difference between HTTP and HTTPS sites, and many of those will be deterred by an unsecure HTTP site.

Statistical Analytics: HTTPS websites also provide more information when it comes to using tools such as Google Analytics to explore the statistics behind your site and visitor sources. When an HTTPS site receives online traffic, secure referral information is preserved – information which can be stripped away from visits within HTTP websites. You are more likely to be provided with accurate, detailed information on referrer visits rather than a multitude of misleading referrals marked instead as ‘direct’ visits. This ensures any analysis of your website and online marketing campaigns are correctly tracked.

answer Jan 2, 2018 by Adish Jain