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What is the difference between backup & disaster recovery?

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posted Dec 24, 2019 by Adish Jain

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3 Answers

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The basic difference between Backup & disaster recovery solution is RTO & RPO.
Backup: In backup, the backup frequency defines the RPO & time to restore data defines the RTO.
disaster solution: in disaster solutions most of the organization will keep the real time data movement from source to Target so RPO is near zero & the RTO is just a network changing from source to Target. So there is small period of downtime of the production/

Backup is to have multiple copies with longer period.
Disaster recovery will give you business continuity without down time.

answer Mar 24, 2022 by Abhishek Patil
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Backup need to restore to production site for use. Disaster recovery site will become production site when Primary/production site is not available.

answer Aug 24, 2020 by Srinivasulu P
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Backup: Creating the copy of your data in secondary location to restore it back when any disaster happens at primary location.
Disaster Recovery: The process of restoring your data from a backup site/DR site at the time of disaster/data loss.

answer Feb 24, 2022 by Abhishek A. Patil - Bangalore