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Compare the Performance between IMDG and Cache System?

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What is the deference of Read/Write Performance between Cache System and IMDG.

posted Apr 29, 2016 by Édwige Guerin

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1 Answer

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Cache System:


If data is in cache, it will not be read from the database.
If data is not in cache, it will be read from the database.


As data is written in permanent storage, applying the cache system is not related with the enhancement of writing performance

IMDG : In Memory Data Grid.

Read : It is always read from IMDG main memory, therefore it's fast

Write : Even when configured to synchronize data to permanent storage some products support non-synchronized write. In this case you can expect a very high write performance.

answer May 1, 2016 by Ajay Vg
thanks for the quick response.